Completing a home or property inspection is an integral part of the lending process. Our one-of-a-kind custom mobile app offers customization as per your business branding and appraisal parameters.

With our easy to use tool, borrowers can deliver photos, videos and answers to a set of questions about the property so appraisals can be conducted safely without any contact.

Inspect360 helps complete appraisals in 3 easy steps.

Take a Survey

The homeowner answers pre-set questions about the property’s condition and other details.

Take Photos and Videos

The app guides through a step-by-step process of quickly taking exterior and interior photos and videos of their home.

Sign and Submit

The app facilitates submitting details of the property and high-quality photos and videos of the home to AMC.

Inspect360 enables everyone to

Save time and money

Customizable App

Dedicated app for each AMC customized to the company branding. Customizable parameters from the appraiser desktop.

Fraud Proof and Reliable

Confirmed with GPS, time/date stamps. Verified information using public records.

Cost Savings

More valuation options at lower costs. Reduced borrower closing expense.

Accelated Approvals

Reduce customer discrepancies and additional orders. Create appraiser bandwidth.

Improved Experience

Quick 3-step, 20 minute process. No appointment necessary.

Tech Driven Dashboard

Avoid missed damages or improvement with our photos and videos capabilities. Provides the appraiser with better detail.

Empowering Lenders.
Simplifying Borrowing.