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The winners in corporate M&A are both bold and disciplined. We research shows that active acquirers earn consistently higher shareholder returns than those that stay on the sidelines. And companies that regularly and systematically do the most deals perform best of all.

The question isn’t whether to do deals but how to do them so that they create sustainable value. Our answer: Use M&A as an integral part of your global growth strategy, plan for opportunities long before they arise, and build a repeatable acquisition model honed through frequent, continuous deal making. We can help you every step of the way to:

  • Improve your odds of success by honing your M&A strategy and objectives, developing your M&A team and capability, and building a repeatable process.
  • Take due diligence to the next level with a fact-based, rigorously quantified assessment that helps you ward off deal fever, spot synergies the market didn’t see and prepare for integration long before the deal is inked.
  • Capture maximum value from the deal with a battle-tested approach to integration that mitigates the many risks that can undercut a deal’s anticipated synergies. Companies that turn to us for integration support realize 18% more value, on average, than those that don’t.
  • Attain the highest possible return from divestitures by preparing the asset for sale, running a low-risk carve-out program and shaping the remaining business to thrive post-transaction. If you are considering a spin-off we can help you develop the thesis, ensure robust spin-off and transaction planning, and set up both companies for success. We can also help you build the internal capabilities you need to maximize the value of joint ventures and alliances.


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