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Our client, the URANTIA Foundation, was contacted by many readers of the URANTIA book about their need for a place where they could study The URANTIA Book with experienced, long-time readers. The Foundation envisioned an Internet School that could help students from all over the world study The URANTIA Book, free from the constraints of geography and time zones.  Courses would be offered at different levels, on various topics and in multiple languages.



At the beginning of the project, we identified the key factors in developing a successful web site for the school and determined that our biggest challenge was two-fold:

  1. We needed to successfully identify the flow of actions and data through the classroom, between students and teachers, and
  2. The interface design needed to be logical, in addition to reflecting the UBIS teaching/learning philosophy.

During the Planning Phase, we worked closely with UBIS to develop a sketch of the website.  This sketch served as the foundation for the Design Phase.  Once the Foundation was satisfied that we had captured all the necessary functionality of the website, we were able to move into the Design Phase.

As we moved forward, our underlying focus was on the students’ and teachers’ need to easily access and navigate the courses.  We asked ourselves, “Does the design permit both teachers and students to successfully function and interact in the classroom?”



After just five months of construction, the Internet School was ready for classes.  Our client was pleased with both the results and the process and, in November 2005, they asked Ionix Systems to work with them on Phase 2 of the building process.

Our Client’s Feedback

“Ionix Systems worked with us to develop the web site for our web-based school. The web site was thoroughly tested by Ionix Systems and later by both Ionix Systems and our staff, and it is now successfully in operation.

The web site has met all our specifications and expectations and the terms of our contract were met exactly on schedule. We received timely and thorough updates all during the 5-month development period. Raj Ginne of Ionix Systems followed every step during our “test class” after the web site was delivered to us to ensure that our on-line school functioned properly.

For me, the only “non-technical” member of our staff working with Ionix Systems, I was particularly appreciative and most grateful to them for their generous and indeed gracious attention to any and all of my inquiries during this process. In this business world of ours, it is indeed a pleasure to find a company that provides an excellent product and conducts their business in an ethical, professional, caring and friendly manner.

I can highly recommend Ionix Systems with enthusiasm and confidence!”

Dorothy Elder

Director, Urantia Book Internet School

Los Angeles, CA


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  • Date:2015
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