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Challenge needed to update its online domain registration website in order to meet the client’s rapidly nearing deadline. Having begun work on this project with a vendor who learned would be unable to complete the task, was short on time and concerned about making their web site a reality when they contacted Ionix Systems. Our client explained that, if they missed this deadline, they would be forced to stop accepting domain registrations, a major threat to their business.



  • Ionix Systems used its phased design and development approach to outline a clear, organized approach the development project.
  • Working closely with the client, Ionix Systems began development of the project and involved the client during every step. This communication helped to gain the client’s trust after the previous soured relationship and it ensured that no elements of the project were overlooked, which would potentially slow the development time; not an option for this time sensitive project.



  • After thorough testing and proofing, Dcom went live with one day to spare before the deadline; a major feat given the complexity of the project and the tight schedule.
  • Customer feedback has been positive and has confirmed the project’s success. com customers are thrilled with the revamped registration system.

Our Client’s Feedback was extremely pleased with the results Ionix Systems achieved for the company, as noted in their comments about the project:

“Ionix Systems Application has exceeded our expectations.

What has distinguished Ionix from other developers is their responsiveness and willingness to listen to us and implement numerous efficiencies into our application both GUI and architecture.

This has allowed our customers as well as our CSR staff to save time in registering and managing domain name registrations, web forwarding and email services provided by Ionix “practically overnight” turnaround in building additional features into our application has been extraordinary.”

Larry Erlich, CEO Inc


  • Client:Domain Registry
  • Date:2010
  • Tags:Web Development
  • Project Type:Web Development